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Basic Free Medical Clinic

Welcome to America Nepal Women’s Association of Greater Washington D.C (ANWA)

America-Nepal Women’s Association of Greater Washington (ANWA) is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. ANWA is also 501(c)(3) approved tax-exempt non profit making organization registered under the State Corporation Commission (SCC), Richmond, Virginia.

The purpose of this Association is to support and conduct activities in Greater Washington to increase communal awareness and to increase social interaction among Nepali women; conduct activities for empowerment of Nepali Women, and to increase the role played by the Nepali Women in the community.

Though (ANWA) was officially established in 2005, Nepali women from greater Washington DC had been working for the community since a long time on an ad-hoc basis, and continuously volunteer their time and effort to build a strong community in Washington DC. All of the founding members are originally from Nepal and they all feel the plight of Nepali Women. Also, majority of ANWA’s members are women human rights activist, who have experience in women rights issue in grass root level in Nepal.

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GOOD NEWS concerning the Basic Free Medical Clinic
Did you know that ANWA’s Basic Free Medical Clinic has been approved to receive contributions from the Combined Federal Campaign in the Washington DC area?  Click on the brown menu bar above for more information.

Basic Free Medical Service 

It has been a year ANWA is providing free basic medical service especially to those who don't have a health insurance. For more information on upcoming event, please click on the Brown Menu Bar above for more information.

ANWA's new executive Board

America Nepal Women Association of Greater Washington D.C (ANWA) held its general meeting on April 20, 2014 with objectives of election/nomination of new executive board for ANWA. General meeting unanimously selected new executive committee for two years, please click here for more information.

Governor Timothy M. Kaine

Together with the Nepalese origin Americans and hundreds of new immigrants who are in the US through Diversity Visa (DV) program, experience a lot of confusion and sufferings in their day-to-day lives. They always seek support and direction. We, through ANWA, extend required services to them; however, we do not have expertise to handle all cases. Therefore, we coordinate and network with different DC based South Asian organizations that have expertise in different sectors so that we can refer the clients to the specialized organizations for specific service.

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